The shocking truth about dating after 50

Dating is hard regardless of your age because everyone is different, we have different preferences, likes, and dislikes. However, since seniors are also dating after 50, there are some truths that we should all be aware of:

Dating after 50 can be a time when you actually enjoy life to the fullest. When seniors who are 50 years or older start dating, they actually have made up their mind what they are looking for and how to approach dating because they do not have any huge expectations. This can make it easy on either of the partners because none of them wants to have kids! There is a lot of fun when you date or get involved with a person who has limited expectations because the chances of being frustrated or hurt are minimal. You just have to agree on the type of a relationship you will have and that’s it.

Even though relying on senior dating sites can be fun, offline dating can offer better experiences. For instance, when you meet people offline, there is a huge chance that you will be able to determine their character easily and make up your mind. Also, if you are a pretty woman in your 50s and you have met a suitable match, the senior man can easily make up his mind because both of you know what you really want. It is much easier to mingle offline and find the right match unlike online where you will have to go through online profiles and a series of chats looking for a perfect match.

Senior men need emotional connection than women do. This is true because as men grow old, they start realizing what they want and the kind of a woman they need in their life. Therefore, if you get into a relationship with such a man, you will end up being happy because he has already made up his mind on what he wants. Therefore, dating a senior man can be quite satisfying for senior women.

It is evident that older women are attracted to young men nowadays. This has been the trend for a long time now and it is true that older women are attracted to young men because of a number of reasons. For example, younger men can easily satisfy these old women in bed and they can love each other for real. On the other hand, young men love older women because they are mature, easy to love, successful and they are not sophisticated. If you are an old woman who is in love with a younger man, it is important to understand that the man can love you for real and vice versa.

Senior singles do not need approval from other people. Young people in their 20s and 30s need their peers’ approval as far as dating is concerned. However, seniors are mature and know what they want and hence they are not looking for anyone’s approval as long as they are happy and contented with the partner they have chosen.

Finally, senior women are mature and know that self-love is very important. They not only understand that they need to love themselves more but also know that they are successful and independent to be stressed and hurt over and over again. Therefore, it is very hard to find a desperate senior who is looking for validation from other people. These seniors are interested in serious relationships only because they can no longer be a part of trial and error relationships.

Everything you need to know about dating over 60

Age is just a number and for plenty of reasons dating over 60 is possible. In fact, the only problem senior singles who are over 6 are facing is whether they should live with their new partners. With a wide range of reasons behind these concerns, here are the things you need to know about dating over 60.

The first thing you need to understand is that living alone is not only fun but also colorful and stress-free. It is evident that if you broke up with your partner/you are bereaved, there were days when you experienced difficult times. It is normal for spouses to argue or even get into a heated argument because you cannot agree on everything. While this can strengthen your bond, at times you might find out that it made everything difficult and hence if you were to get into another relationship, living individually could be the best approach. In senior dating, therefore, both the partners understand the need of living individually to maintain the spark over the years.

Secondly, de facto relationships are a liability and hence most senior singles prefer living individually. A de facto relationship is where you and your partner live together. This is not a good thing because a de facto relationship (especially in western countries) is considered as a marriage with the only difference being a wife/husband can enter into your will automatically while a de facto partner can’t! Most senior singles do not like such arrangements because if the de facto partner decides to break up with you he/she can apply for property settlement. This can be a liability to one of the partners because he/she will lose property in old age and this might not be convenient. Since de facto relationships do not work nowadays, living individually is the best option because you will have the peace of mind even if the relationship does not work out in the end.

If you intend to live individually, you need to understand that the cost of living will be high. Living with a partner can make life easy especially if you understand each other, share bills and help each other in every way. Therefore, you will end up with lower bills and in case you have financial problems you can rely on your partner for help. However, most senior singles who are looking to date are rich and they don’t rely on their partner to pay their bills. In fact, in developed countries like Australia and other western countries, senior singles who are over 60 years and are dating often spend one day a week together with their partner because they are looking for company, love, and fun and not financial help.

Finally, some argue about sex life and there are different approaches to this. According to sex experts, living individually can make your sex life better because each of the partners will be doing everything possible to impress and show their partners that they love them. On the other hand, if you know that you live with your partner, having sex is a regular thing and regardless of the efforts made you will eventually have sex. This makes such life predictable and senior singles might not love such kind of a relationship. However, it is important to understand that we all have different preferences and understanding. Therefore, while some senior singles will prefer living individually, there are others who are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives with their new partners.